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Lg Pocket Photo3 Popo Pd251 Portable Pocket Printer + Zink 30 Sheets Pink NEW

Synchronization support for Windows Phone 8.0 or higher, iOS v5.1 or higher, Android v2.2 or higher. No Ink required. Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Micro USB port for charging battery. Not NFC-enabled [Sticker Type] Zink Inkless Printing Embeds Color Into The Paper: 2 x 3" (7.6x5cm)

I bought this printer as a giddy for my mom. My mom lives crafting and taking pictures. She automatically fell in love with this printer and the quality of the pictures is great. She was getting her pictures printed at Walgreens and the quality was really poor. My mom is very happy with her printer and no money is needed for ink. Yes, no English instructions but the app is in English and very easy to use. My mom figured it out all on her own. I'm sure she recommends this printer to everyone in get crafting community.


Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical Nonstick Easy Quick Egg Cooker

Rollie, the innovative quick, simple and easy to use cooking system for every day convenience, and fun, bite size food product. No more having to bring out the frying pan, waiting for water to boil or have shells to peel. Discover a whole new way to prepare eggs and other tasty snacks in minutes! The Pop-Up Egg Maker is a fast and healthy way to cook eggs perfectly every time. Just crack an egg, pour it in and watch it get fully cooked in 6 to 8 minutes. Add cheese, onions, bacon etc. for a quick omelet on-a-stick. The unique vertical cooking chamber makes it easy to create dozens of fast and delicious treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! Includes silicone grip, cleaning brush and instruction guide/recipe book.


  • 0% fat Cooking System is a simple and easy to use appliance.
  • Can cook eggs, omelet rolls, frittatas, and other foods, making it a great companion for breakfast or healthy snacks for the whole family.
  • Distinctive design cooks food with minimum counter space requirements and can be used anywhere.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cooks in Minutes and 2 easy steps
  • Healthy, Fun, Delicious
  • No shells to peel, No water to boil, No frying pan or stove
  • Indicator Lights: The red light will turn on when the appliance is powered on. When ready for use, the green light will turn on.
  • Cooking Chamber with a durable custom non-stick coating
  • Handling Surface: A non-slip, cool-touch, silicon grip for safe handling.

    Package includes:
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Supporting Skewers
  • Food Packing Accessory
  • Owner manual with Over 25 Recipes.


    How to make Espresso like professional barista at home

    there is some cheffing instinct involved," says Jeremy Challender, a remarkably languid character for one whose life revolves around caffeine. But the co-founder of London's Prufrock cafe says that producing great espresso is "no more complicated than making bread". Get a recipe, then adjust it until you hit upon the shot of your dreams. The coffee served at Prufrock and several other cafes is now so good that despite shelling out £100 on a De Longhi machine, my home attempts are a bitter disappointment. I've come to up my game but the sheer coffee geekery here has me feeling out of my depth. A blackboard advertises a "milk texture" class (sold out) and in the training area, all polished counters and prototype Simonelli machines, Challender casually flings about such befuddling notions as brew ratios, volatile aromatic gasses and TDS (total dissolved solids). Some intense hours later, I emerge with the lowdown on getting the best out of any machine. The coffee Decent coffee, like the stuff Prufrock uses from London roasters Square Mile, comes with a roast date. "Between about nine and 11 days after roasting is when we get really excited about the taste," says Challender. Their standard espresso is made from capao, a Brazilian single-origin dark-roasted bean. Dark roasts tend to be more complex, with chocolate and caramel flavours; lighter roasts are more fruit and florals. The recipe The drink you end up with depends on water temperature, dose of dry coffee, amount of espresso you're making, the time it takes the machine to produce your shot, and grind consistency. You'll need a small set of digital scales, and a timer to record the recipe. Temperature Prufrock's machines are set to between 92C and 96C. Some domestic espresso machines don't hold their temperatures as consistently as commercial behemoths. Perfectionists can find instructions at for pimping machines with a precise temperature control (a PID). Or accept your limitations and get the rest right. The dose "We most like the taste of our 30ml double espresso," says Challender, "when it uses 18g dry coffee, so that's what the coffee baskets in Prufrock's machines comfortably hold." A traditional Italian 30ml double espresso is made with a 14g dose. Extraction and the grind Challender prefers the coffee when it takes 30 seconds to extract - that's 30 seconds between switching the water flow on and off again. Timing depends on achieving good grind, which requires frequent adjustment as no two batches of beans are the same and even a change to the temperature of your grinder burrs (burr grinders trump blade grinders for evenness of grind, and won't overheat and cook your coffee) will make the fineness fluctuate. You need full control. Perfecting your recipe All of the above differs according to your machine, coffee and palate, so experiment. Once happy, keep an eye on the extraction time – if it comes through quicker than usual, your grind's probably too coarse. Stove-top machines Mocha pots aren't great, says Challender, but at least use freshly roasted and ground coffee, with filtered, preheated water ("so the coffee doesn't get overexposed to such a humid environment") and clean the pot religiously. He recommends filter coffee, with "plungers, pour overs, siphons, Aeropress etc" using water two minutes off the boil, and 60g a litre for all filter coffees. Tip for perfection #1: Cleanliness If the coffee pours unevenly through its spouts, your basket probably needs cleaning. "Oily residue can really taint the taste of a coffee," says Challender. Tip for perfection #2: Tamping The hot water will seek easy channels through the coffee so the grains must be uniform for full saturation and an exemplary brew. Collect the right amount in your basket evenly, smooth the surface, then give a decisive, firm tamp. Tip for perfection #3: Preheat your group head Before attaching the portafilter (the basket and its handle) to the machine's group head, run the hot water for a few seconds to rinse and preheat it. … and finally: latte art Advertisement Whether you're working with a latte or its smaller, stronger cousin, the flat white, you don't need to aerate the milk as much as you would for a cappuccino. Rather than the whisked-egg-whites effect, you're after what Challender calls microfoam: "glassy-looking milk where the bubbles are so small you can't tell they're there". Always use cold milk. Purge any water that's condensed in your steamer (if your steam becomes watery over time, your machine probably needs descaling). Sit the steamer on the surface of your milk, slightly off centre so the milk starts to flow around it in a circular motion, rather than splattering uncontrollably. After a few seconds, when the milk has risen visibly, quickly submerge the steamer's tip, holding it half-way to the bottom of the jug to heat the milk until the side of the jug gets too hot to touch. A knock on the bottom should make a hollow sound, as perfectly cooked bread does. Use the milk within a minute, before it separates into liquid and foam. When making latte art, the thing to remember is that pouring milk close to the coffee's surface (about 2cm) will give you enough traction to float your microfoam on the surface. Milk poured from higher (5-10cm above the cup) will sink beneath the surface. First, give the jug a few bangs on your worktop if you see any big bubbles in the milk, then make like a wine taster and swirl it around. Top your coffee cup up to half way to two thirds full with milk before lowering your jug for the floating. Then zoom out again to use your "thin pen" to manipulate the foam you've floated on the surface. Confused? This is something you really need to learn visually and then practice. A lot.

    Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphone, Active Collection - Shock Yellow

    Break through the limitations of wired listening. Unplug your Solo2 Wireless, pair with your Bluetooth device and move freely for up to 30 feet of wireless listening. Take hands-free calls with the built in mic, and use the on-ear controls to adjust your listening experience without reaching for your device. Stay unplugged all day thanks to the 12-hour rechargeable battery. The illuminated LED fuel gauge on the headphone lets you know when it's time to recharge. Immerse yourself in an emotional sound experience. The Solo2 Wireless has a dynamic and wide range of sound with a natural clarity. The ear cup padding buffers outside noise, bringing you closer to what the artist intended you to hear. Regardless of what kind of music you're into, you will feel the crisp, balanced sound in your Solo2 Wireless. The Solo2 Wireless headphone's durable housing and compact, foldable design make it the ultimate on-the-go accessory. Whether you're on the subway, dancing in your living room, or at your desk, you won't have to worry about getting tangled up in cords. Plus, if you run out of power, plug in for unlimited wired listening. This premium headphone is ready for your life, wherever it may go. Engineered for comfort. Starting at the center of the flexible headband, the frame of the Solo2 Wireless has a one-of-a-kind curve that gives it a custom-fit feeling. The headphone's fast flowing curves, no visible screws, and pivoting ear cups complete this natural fit, ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and sound delivery. What's in the box: Solo2 Wireless headphone, Carrying case, Remote Talk 2.0 charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B),Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card.

    The Solo2 Wireless headphone’s durable housing and compact, foldable design make it the ultimate on-the-go accessory. Whether you’re on the subway, dancing in your living room, or at your desk, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in cords. Plus, if you run out of power, plug in for unlimited wired listening. This premium headphone is ready for your life, wherever it may go.

    About Beats

    Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats), is a leading audio brand founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Through its family of world-class consumer headphones, earphones, and speakers, Beats has introduced an entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment. The brand’s continued success helps bring the energy, emotion and excitement of playback in the recording studio back to the listening experience for music lovers worldwide. Beats was acquired by Apple Inc. in July 2014.

    Here is the simple truth about Beats. They are not for everyone, if you are someone who very much enjoys all styles of music, and hearing the full, naked, pure, and unadulterated sound "as the artist planned it," these may not be the be-all-end-all of headphones for you. But these headphones don't promise that, so no one should be surprised they do things a little differently.

    Personally, I have never classified myself as an audiophile, but I'm a musician and a singer, and my life has always been submersed in music of all kinds. So let's break this down into a couple categories.

    These headphones are on-ear style, not over the ear. I've never been much of a fan of the on-ear style, especially when they cost upwards of $300.
    However... With the adjustable size, the soft touch material on the band and the leather earcups, these are some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. Without hurting my head they stay snug and fit enough where I feel comfortable running with them.

    If you are even considering Beats, style is a concern to you. I personally have always enjoyed the look of beats. The Solo2 Wireless only further that claim, they look expensive, but very clean with almost no sharp edges or harsh curves like some other headphones. I happened to buy the gloss black with subtle red accents, which was a mistake. Stay away from the glossy finishes, buy matte colors. I do not have particularly greasy fingers, yet I leave so many fingerprints, it drives me nuts. And yet still, they look amazing, and without the "pesky" headphone cord they are incredibly

    The battery for the Solo2 charges via a standard micro USB. It takes me about 2 hours to charge, and I've recorded around 11 hours of mixed music and audio call time. This is more than enough for me and most people to last a few days, but be weary of just leaving them on, it seems to drain more battery that way than if you were playing music, but that could just be my imagination. If you ever are in a pinch and you have to connect to a device without bluetooth or have no battery, you can always use the supplied in box cable which has audio controls integrated.

    Usually I wouldn't touch much on this aspect of a product, but for these headphones, I had to. You've probably seen it and heard it before, but unboxing beats is magical. You feel like the $300 dollars was well spent as soon as you unzip the carrying case and pull out these beauties.
    Everything feels and looks expensive and well made. One of my favorite unboxing experiences ever.

    Calls sound OK on these headphones, the voice is clear enough and the mic I've been told is nothing too special, but they work for what I need and haven't missed a beat yet.

    And finally, how do they sound?

    Here is where people will either be won over, or totally turned off by these headphones. The sound is loud, with an unbelieveable amount of bass. I listen to pop and dance music as I workout or write a paper, and paired with spotify's wonderful streaming quality, these headphones simply shine in my eyes. I am in no way saying that these headphones won't play classical music wonderfully, they simply just aren't the most optimized headphones for that job. The noise cancellation is very, very good. You are in your own little thumpin bubble if you have these on.

    I love my Beats, and will continue to update this review as I continue to use them.

    I am not endorsed by anyone, this is simply my opinion on my Beats Solo2 Wireless.

    Hope this was helpful.


    B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Headphones, Moss Green

    Beoplay H5 wireless earphones deliver an immersive listening experience with the power to take you anywhere. Conveniently pair them with your Bluetooth device to bring the beauty of music into your active everyday life. Whether you're out walking, listening to podcasts on your daily commute or relaxing at home with your favorite tunes, these wireless earbuds will deliver outstanding Bang & Olufsen signature sound to suit your activity. The Beoplay app lets you customize your listening experience via your smartphone or Apple watch to ensure you can enjoy music the way the artists intended. Combined with a splash and dust resistant design, these elegant Beoplay H5 earphones are as fashionable as they are functional. Inspired by Nordic nature, the effortlessly chic moss green tones of these wireless headphones evoke cool forest landscapes for a rich and earthy vibe perfectly suited to fall and winter musical escapes. To ensure Optimal fit and sound quality, each pair comes with seven sets of earbud tips in various sizes - four made from silicone and three made from rugged and breathable comply sport foam. When not in use, your wireless earphones can rest comfortably and securely around your neck - simply click the magnets on the earbuds together. Not only is this a convenient hands-free way to keep your earphones accessible, clicking them together will also cause them to power down and conserve battery life. When you're ready to recharge, the sleek magnetic USB charging cube quickly and easily provides up to five hours of power to meet up with the demands of your mobile lifestyle. I am a B&O fan in the making having purchased the Beoplay H8, Beolit 15, and now recently the Beoplay H5. Each of B&Os products, thus far, have been extremely aesthetically and functionally pleasing. With the announcement and of Beoplay H5, I kept a close eye out for the ratings and reviews. In the beginning, as I'm sure most of you all are, I was extremely skeptical about spending $250 for what seemed like a less than perfect pair of earphones. The consensus seemed to be: -earphones don't stay in your ear -braided cable rubbing against your clothes makes too much noise -magnetic clasp is not strong enough -there is not enough bass -not good earphones for working out -charging cable was not universal -amazing sound I'd like to give you my honest and unbiased opinion based on all of these statements. The most common complaint, the earphones don't stay in your ear: I am a 6' male with reasonably large ears. The B&O earphones fit perfectly in my ear with both types of earbuds provided. If you read the user manual provided about proper placement in the ear, just about anybody can get the earphones to fit. I can walk and run around with confidence; these earphones do not fall out. There are enough sizes to fit just about any ear, it just takes about a minute of your time to read the user manual. And honestly, the earbuds are the single most important factor when determining whether any earphone will stay in your ear. So, it makes sense if the earphone doesn't stay in, then you need to try a different ear tip. It just so happens that the ear tips are easily the least expensive part of the product. Sure some people may say, "I'm spending 250$ already for the product, so I expect it to be perfect!" But the fact of the matter is not everybody has the same ear dimensions, and a company can only do so much to try to cater to its vast audience. It's up to the consumer to optimize the product to their specific needs. The braided cable makes too much noise rubbing against your clothes: This is one of the complaints that I do agree with, somewhat. Due to the nature of the sturdy and stylish braided cable, there is a distinct sound that is made when rubbing against your clothes. Since the braid is connected to the ear piece, it makes sense that this sound would transfer to your ear. I do not agree with the claim that this makes the earphone completely unusable or unbearable, however. The only time I really noticed the "rubbing" sound is when the earphone is paused/off or when I am moving my head from side to side repeatedly in a short period of time, which is not at all common movement. Generally speaking, when I have the music at half volume and I'm moving around, I can barely notice the sound of the braid, if at all. The magnetic clasp isn't strong enough: The magnetic clasp is as strong as it needs to be. Unless you are planning on using the H5 whilst practicing gymnastics, the magnetic clasp is just strong enough to keep your earphones fastened when around your neck, but not too strong as to cause a struggle when you wish to use your earphones again. It also allows from a pretty stylish necklace when not in use, and a handy quick "off" feature. The bass isn't strong enough: If you're looking to listen to only bass heavy tracks, these earphones are probably not for you. But honestly if you are planning on listening to only bass heavy tracks, earphones in general are not the right choice for you. The H5 delivers extremely well balanced and reasonably strong and punchy bass. If you wish to play around with the EQ of the H5, you can easily download B&O's free app to do so. H5 doesn't seem good for working out: I've used the h5 a couple of times whilst lifting and the earphones worked perfectly for that task regard. No cords to worry about, and it never fell out of my ear once. I have also used the H5 whilst running and cross-fit, and whilst using the comply sports tips, I did not have much trouble with the earphones staying in my ear. I personally didn't have a problem with the earphones falling out when using the sports comply tips provided, but again it is up to the consumer to optimize the product to their specific needs. The charging cable isn't universal: I don't know any B&O consumers who wish to buy a "universal" product. I mean part of the experience is buying the eccentric and unique products. I think the charging cable is a perfect description of what the B&O experience really is. There were also many complaints that the charging cable didn't come with a USB to wall port. In this day and age, every phone comes with a USB to wall charging port. You will almost certainly have AT LEAST one, if not more, USB to wall ports available; and that's only if you'd like to charge your H5 from the wall. From my experience, I have not once even considered charging my H5 from anything other than my laptop just because of convenience. Also, the H5 is not the type of product you can use whilst charging, so USB to wall seems like more of a burden than a luxury. The H5 sounds amazing: The H5 sounds amazing. By far the best earphone on the market in terms of premium sound quality. As an owner of an H8 and various other headphones, I can honestly say that if the H5 had come out before I purchased my H8, and other headphones, that I would seriously consider taking the H5 over many other headphones. The H5 sounds that good. In my opinion, I believe the 250$ price point is completely justified due to the fact that it can hold its own against many premium headphones on the market. All in all, the H5 is a stylish and well designed product that I would give a must buy for music audiophiles and music enthusiasts. I believe much of the bad press that the H5 is getting is due to the consumer's unwillingness to experiment with alternative ear tips/read the user manual.

    High Tech Pet Humane Contain X-10 Rechargeable Multi-function Electronic Dog Fence

    The Humane Contain Model X-10 rechargeable multi-function electronic dog fence brings you the most advanced electronic fence technology for highly humane and extremely reliable operation. You don't need to guess the appropriate stimulus intensity. This system does not rely on manual stimulus levels or stimulus zones. It uses the Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System, a proprietary technology that automatically adjusts stimulus intensity based upon your dog's distance from the boundary. This keeps your dog reliably contained without unnecessary over-stimulation. The waterproof, lightweight, ultra-slim collar has a rechargeable battery. The collar also features an ultrasonic transmitter that controls optional electronic pet doors, indoor and outdoor sonic fences and scat pad accessories from High Tech Pet. You may use this product as a stand-alone electronic fence or mix and match the accessories to create your own custom electronic pet care system. One small collar controls everything. The system comes with a waterproof, outdoor mountable transmitter with coded digital signal, fully illuminated status panel, audible and visual wire break alarms, power boost switch and variable field width control. The transmitter also accepts an optional, rechargeable back-up battery (model B-12V-0.8) that keeps your system operational during a power outage and automatically recharges when power is restored. Kit includes TX-1 transmitter, RX-10 multi-function collar, collar charger, 500-feet of Ultra-Wire, 50 boundary flags, 5 wire splices, AC adapter for transmitter and AC adapter for charger.

    I purchased the High Tech Pet Humane Contain X-10 Rechargeable Multi-function Electronic Dog Fence which is essentially the same product with a more advanced collar to be able to operate all the products High Tech Pet has. I am NOT a fan of electric fences for dogs, however, I have a stubborn Siberian who kept escaping our yard and running over to the neighbors and killing their cats. We had to do something. (Our physical fence is 8 feet high and has a two stage barrier, meaning she has to get past a security fence placed around the original fence. Rebar was placed 4 inches appart along the bottom of the fence and she was still escaping [we live on 5 acres]).Setup took 2 hours and the RX-10 collar was charged out of the box. I know this because I tested it on myself several times before putting it on my dog. I am a trainer myself and will not use negative stimulus training unless I know the extent of the correction. Once setup, we showed my Siberian the boundaries and she would get the minor pulse and be confused. I decided to let her off leash and feel the full correction. She went to her usual spot and was corrected at full intensity (she needed it, trust me). She has never tried to test the boundaries again, as long as she is wearing the collar. In defense of your comment, the instrructions are not very clear as to how to charge the battery. At one point it says to charge it with the unit on, then at another with the unit off. I found it charges best with the unit off. My only other problem with the collar is there is no way to just make it beep, since once she had the full correction, she no longer needed the correction. The tech support was worthless as is with most products on the market today. I hope the Pet Safe works for you. Without the Humane Contain, I might have had to build a permanent kennel for my Sibe.


    AMAKE Bluetooth Headphones,Wireless Sport HiFi Stereo In-Ear Headset Hands Free Calls Sweatproof Running Earphones Neckband Music Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ear Hook for iPhone 7/6 Samsung(Black)


    HD-Sound:Carrying with bluetooth V4.1,which with comprehensive downward compatibility and delivers astonishing acoustics,strong bluetooth signal,real noise cancelling and invisible built-in microphone provide you clear and stereo sound Retractable Earhook:The flexible ear hooks design holds your wireless headphones during running or workouts. Unique 0.4 inch space adjusts the Earphones to find proper position for your ears. 4 pairs/8 pcs of Ear Buds,which is suitable for men and women Hands Free Calls:When comes the calls,you can press the Phone button to answer/reject/finish the calls easily.Answer or Reject the 2rd phone by double pressing the Phone button Ergonomic Design:Fashional ergonomic design and flexible earbuds design,lightweight in-ear style make activities more comfortable Multipoint Connection:the headset can connect 2 devices at the same time and change connection freely after your first connection,which will not miss any calls. Product Description Color:NO.01 Unique neckband design for sport conveniently Ultra light weight for wearing more comfortablely High quality sound for clear talk and wonderful music Buttons: -Press the button '-' to decrease the volume or change to next music -Press the button '+' to increase the volume or change to previous music -Press the PHONE button to answer ,reject ,pause ,transfer and finish calls Pairing Mode: Press the power on button until the reminder voice rings!Or the red and blue light flashes alternately! Pairing: a. Pressing PHONE button to power on your headset for 3-10 seconds,bluetooth headset can be paired when the red and green instruction light flashes alternately. b. Opening the bluetooth of your cellphone,then searching for the headset and pair. c. Power off your headset and keeping the cellphone connected d. Pressing PHONE button to power on your headset for 8-10 seconds again,opening your second bluetooth devices and pair with the headset e .Keeping your headset connected with the second devices,pairing again with the first devices directly,then your bluetooth has finished connection of 2 devices at the same. Specification: Bluetooth version: V4.1 Transmission distance: Up to 10m (30feet) Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP,SPP Talk/music playtime: Approximately 8 hours Standby Time :180 hours Charging time:2 hours Charging Voltage:DV 5V Output 150mA What's in the Package? 1 x AMAKE SP-6 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones; 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable; 4 pairs / 8pcs Ear-Tips; 1 x User Manual Read Costumer reviews By Jessamess on August 15, 2016 AMAKE Bluetooth Headphones are a blessing to my workouts. I have been looking for a solution to keep my phone clean and sweat free during my workouts and this is it. Before I received these headphones I would keep my phone in my sports bra so the cord to my headphones would reach my ears; in turn my phone would get covered in sweat to a point where the touch screen on my phone was unusable. The AMAKE Bluetooth Headphones are wireless so I can keep my phone in my bag away from sweat and the dirty gym. I was impressed with the packaging, the headphones came in a hard tube where in the tube each piece in it’s respective plastic mold securely. These headphones allow me to control my music by just tapping on the buttons on the earpiece. There is an On/Off Button, a Next and a Previous Button that you can use to change the song selection or change the volume. The earpieces are adjustable which is a great feature, The headphones also come with 4 pairs of earbuds that you can choose from depending on what you are comfortable with. The first step was charging it it comes with a wire where one end is a USB the other connects to the earpiece. I simply connected the USB end to a wall adapter i previously had and let the headphones charge for 2 hours. The charge also lasts for a while considering I was working out for two hours and only used about a quarter of the battery life. Another neat feature is the battery life of the headphones can be seen right next to the bluetooth symbol on the top right of the screen on my phone. After I let the headphones charge I began to sync them to the Bluetooth on my phone; a task I was slightly apprehensive about. The instructor put my apprehensions at ease and I had the Bluetooth setup in under five minutes. A nice feature to the AMAKE Bluetooth Headphones is when you power on or off there is a voice that tells you it is on or off when you press the button. The sound quality on these headphones are amazing I feel like I am at a concert when I am listening to music on my AMAKE Bluetooth Headphones. The Wireless headphones are lightweight and the wire sits comfortably around the back of the neck as if it wasn't there at all. I ordered the purple pair of AMAKE Bluetooth Headphones I am pleased with the color they are very stylish. These headphones make my workouts easier in fact it motivates me to workout more. My boxing routine is a breeze since I don’t have to worry about where I am keeping my phone while I listen to music. I can see myself using the AMAKE Bluetooth Headphones not just for working out but for painting or lounging by the pool. * I have received this product as a free promotion in exchange for my honest unbiased review. My opinions are my own and they are given after I personally have used and experienced the product.*
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